We have been here before


The only reason why history is so important, is that we learn from it and avoid those mistakes and errors in further. This is the only way to grow and avoid mistakes of the past, but it seems that the worlds supreme power; USA has learnt nothing. In recent developments that took place in Syrian where the US President Donald J Trump, after consulting with Tukey’s President, decided to shift his country’s foreign policy and remove all US and NATO troops from areas near the Turkish border. By doing this America has again abandoned one of his allies on battlefield. Clearing out the region where the proposed safe zone is planned, US left its battle allies in Syria, the Kurdish forces, to deal with strong Turkish army all by themselves. These Kurdish forces played a critical role in defeating the ISIS form Syrian, in fact some analysist believe that these forces did the real heavy lifting. In retaliation to the Turkish incursion, Kurdish forces have declared to fight till the last solider. This will definitely turn into a blood bath very quickly and new alliances might shape up.

Last time US abandoned allies was in middle east and some military officials believe that this move ultimately led to the Iraqi war. Post-gulf war, America decided not to provide aid to a indigenous rebellion in Iraq. As a result, Saddam Hussain was encouraged to crush the movement since the rebels and American allies on ground were left alienated only to slaughtered by thousands. Same is happening with the Kurds while military high-ups are unhappy with change of heart. American forces with these Kurd forces have fought for more than five years now, and because of this many military personals consider them as brothers in arms. This is certainly not the first time that the American’s have left there partners all alone, examples of what happened in Vietnam after walking away from loyal allies is known to everyone. The same tactics are being used in case of Afghanistan and Syria, and it can be said without a hint of doubt that wheels will come this time as well.

In February 1991, President George H.W Bush suggested to the Iraqi people to take matters into their hands and get themselves rid of a tyrannical dictator. Iraqi’s who feared the national guard did not pay heed to this baseless suggestion, but Shiite and Kurd Iraqi’s took up arms and revolted. During initial phases of the rebellion, rebels had success as they took over numerous cities. Hoping that with partial control of the country, US forces will intervene, but the American assistance never came. Saddam forces regrouped and began a counterattack. Shiite and Kurd leaders turned to US and begged for help but help never came. US planes in south never engaged as the Republican guard wiped out the rebellious Shiites by thousands.

Same is expected to happen in Syria but this time Syrian Kurds will be at the receiving end of this betrayal. This can also lead to regroup and rise of ISIS in the region as well.


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