Attempts to impeach another US President


On the 24th of September 2019, speaker of the House of Representatives speaker, Nancy Pelosi sanctioned an impeachment inquiry against Mr. Trump. Ms. Pelosi is regarded as the most powerful Democrat in Congress at this time. Following are some details on how this all event is shaping up.

So, what actually caused all this?

It was alleged that Trump, during a phone call, pressurized the Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelenskiy, to initiate an investigation against his potential rival for the White House in the 2020 election, Joe Biden, and son Hunter Biden.  According to the transcript released by the White house, trump termed this as ‘favor’ and reminded his Ukrainian President how kind his administration has been to Ukraine. To further push the Ukrainian leader, President Trump also gave him the good news of release of foreign aid to Ukraine. This aid already been approved by the congress for protection Ukraine requires from Russia. Trump used this as a bargaining chip to get things moving in his way.

News of the call emerged in a Washington Post report on 18 September that an internal whistleblower complaint, filed in August, involved “communications between Trump and a foreign leader”. New of these deals had already led to an uproar in diplomatic ranks. To further increase the ante, democrats got hold of text messages between prominent US envoys in Ukraine and Zelensiky saying that the only way for him to personally meet with the President is by making a public statement regarding the initiation of inquiry against Hunter Biden.

What’s Trump’s version of events?

Trump doesn’t disavow the content of the conversion that was brought to light by a whistleblower’s complaint on 26th September. The allegations were further established by the call summary released by the White house. Mr. trump as regarded this scandal as America’s biggest witch-hunt ever and an attempt to divert attention away from the real cases of corruption and misuse of power and influence that Biden’s have carried out.

To many political analysist’s this melodrama seems to have no logical outcome. Many believe that if Joe Biden used is influence and forced American oil company executives in Ukraine to hire his son then this needs to be investigated. Since this guy might eventually be the next president so if there are already cases of abuse of power then imagine what he would be capable of doing as President of the United States.

As for Mr. Trump, this scandal could actually be a god sent and he might triumph again. All this investigation will do is just make headlines for the next few weeks. Even if this goes to the senate even then Republicans have a simple majority in house and the chances to get more than a dozen senators to vote against their potential presidency candidate are very slim. And, if after all this Trump successfully come out on top then he will use this as focus of his campaign and to attack media and his opponents for falsely accusing him of betraying his oath.


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