Ankara set to redesign the Syrian map.


In the recently concluded United Nations General Assembly session for 2019, President of Turkey, recep Tayyip Erdoğan gave a heart wrenching speech. Mr President talked about numerous issues faced by the Muslim communities around the world, issues like Kashmir, Palestine and Syria were the focus of his discussion. In his speech he told the world leaders how the tyrannical rulers of Israel have taken over Palestinian land by force and the Jewish state has no declared boundary which keeps as increasing as the occupation continues. The Israeli Prime Minister has promised to annex land in the region near Jordan if he gets re-elected. But amongst all this, what caught the worlds attention was Turkey’s plan to deal with Syrian refugees.

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, suggest the establishment of a safe zone near the Turkey-Syria boarder. According to the proposed plan, Mr Erdogan wanted help of the UN and the world leaders to help his establish a safe zone that would extend 20 miles into the Syrian territory. In his opinion, this land has been cleared off the rebels hence it could be proclaimed as a safe zone. He believes that the zone can cater the needs and accommodation of 2 million Syrian refugees. In his recent talks, has gone a step and demanded the establishment of this protected region beyond the safe zone into the cities of Raqqa and Deir al-Zor, in order to allow still more refugees to return to Syria.

This attempt of incursion will not be the first, this will be the third time since 2016 that Ankara has meddled in this extreme manner. Turkey has two main objectives behind this aggression, first is what the president has repeatedly stated and that is a peaceful region for the Syrian refugees in their home. The other is Turkey’s desire to drive the YPG Kurdish militia away from the Turkish-Syrian border. The Turkish administration has also deemed the Kurds as a danger to its sovereignty.

Upon his arrival from UNGA, Recep Tayyip to a harder stance, and give its NATO allies a deadline to discuss and work towards this goal together. Upon not getting a positive response, he declared that his army will entre the Syrian territory with or without their NATO allies and this action can take place any day or any night. Seeing the intentions and deployment of Turkish forces at its Northeastern border, US and other NATO forces have decided to pull back from the area. This in return will give an open way for Ankara to act according to will. This withdrawal marks a huge change in United States stance and have eventually abandoned their old ally against the Islamic State, the Kurds. Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), a Kurdish led force, which controls the region where this safe zone is proposed said that they have the capacity to fight and defend their land from foreigner like they did in case of IS. The spokesman also said that US owe them an answer for this betrayal. Kurdish army has dug up trenches and tunnels, and are ready for full retaliation.


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