Uber’s Diverse Range of Services


Once in a while a new business or products comes in and radically changes the existing market landscape irreversibly. One such product was the tech product Uber that arrived into the transportation market in 2009. It is a ride sharing and ride hailing service that now boasts 110 million users worldwide. Uber is a popular service that truly disrupted the industry. Although it has since faced other competition, it has still managed to outrank its competitors worldwide.

Uber has done this by not just providing one service but actually a lot of similar services that are linked to each other by falling under the same umbrella industry. But they have key differences that make them stand out and target only a particular niche of the market. Its most popular service is the UberX which is the economical and most frequently used option by its customers. There are additional options if riders want a car with a child seat. Another option is the ASSIST service which is geared towards the elderly and physically disabled. BIKE provides riders the option of renting an electric bike from its subsidiary Jump Bikes. There are also selected cities with the option to rent electric Lime scooters.

Another popular service provided by Uber is BLACK. This is a more expensive option that provides a luxury car. Uber offers ChapChap in Nairobi, Kenya that provides a Suzuki Alto to its customers. This is a popular car in Kenya. ESPANOL provides a Spanish-speaking driver to users in California. Comfort provides a larger sedan with more legroom. In Hong Kong and Singapore Uber offers the Flash service which calls either a private car or a taxi. An environmental friendly service called Green provides an electric car to customers in Europe.

Another luxury option is marketed as Lux instead and also offers a luxury car. The MOTO service provides a motorcycle to customers in select countries where this is a popular form of transport. POOL is Uber’s answer to ride sharing instead of hailing and provides users to share their ride with others. Uber Auto is a service that provides users with the option of hailing an auto rickshaw in select countries.

Uber is not just limited to the private transport industry but instead has diversified to include other options. One of their most popular option is Uber Eats which provides food delivery options for a fee. This makes it a direct competitor to popular delivery services like Food Panda.

The plethora of options available to choose from makes Uber such a tour de force in the industry and the clear leader amongst its competition. It has a lot of services that cater to particular areas and people. It also has the food delivery service that allows it to be more diverse. The most appealing part about Uber is that it allows drivers to be their own bosses and set their own times. It Is also cheaper compared to taxis in many countries and provides features such as providing ride and driver details as soon as a ride is booked.


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